About Us

Capital Royalty L.P. is a market pioneer and innovator in healthcare investing that focuses on intellectual property investments in FDA-approved biopharmaceutical assets through royalty bonds, structured debt, revenue interests and traditional royalty monetizations. We target investments between $20 and $200 million and work directly with leading healthcare companies, research institutions, and inventors to provide customized financing structures to meet their unique needs.

Our financings are an attractive alternative to costly equity financings and restrictive debt financings. We help healthcare organizations fund pipeline development, make acquisitions, and expand into new markets—all with an adaptable source of capital.

Capital Royalty strives to help biopharma companies access capital that has little to no dilution. While much of the capital we invest allows our counterparties to fund innovative research and development products, our primary source of collateral is derived from commercialized products.  As the only investment team with experience in structuring royalty bonds, structured debt and traditional royalty monetizations, Capital Royalty is uniquely qualified to meet a broad range of financing needs for healthcare companies.

We provide superior risk-adjusted returns to our investors by offering the most attractive financing alternatives to our business partners. Our investors include pension funds, insurance companies, family offices, university endowments, foundations, financial institutions, and other institutional investors. Our committed capital base provides us with the flexibility to move quickly to meet the capital needs of our business partners.